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SJSM Education Policy Statement

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We, the sisters of Saint Joseph of St. Marc, after the example of our founder Abbe Pierre Paul Blanck, consider education as the integral formation of the human person for the fulfillment of his/her individual and social responsibilities.

Education is the most effective medium of human development. It aims at actualizing the latent potentials of individuals and make them socially committed citizens. This general principle of education is the most important motivating factor behind all the educational endeavors of the SJSM Congregation which has been rendering selfless service in the field of modern education.

Our education aims at moulding citizens who are well equipped with life skills who can lead our nation towards a bright future. It includes the integral development of each student by digging out their potentialities for a better tomorrow.

We have to reach out to the families, primarily of the students, to assist them in their needs, to share in their joys and sorrows, and to help them experience love and freedom so that the student realize that our educational institutions are an extension of their homes.

The school is open to all students irrespective of caste and creed; they are accepted and cherished as they are and helped to grow in their respective cultural and social and religious traditions. The school expects students, parents and teachers to share the SJSM vision of education and co-operate with the school whole heartedly.


Pierre Paul Public School aims at moulding our students into intellectually competent, psychologically balanced, socially sensitive, culturally integrated, politically conscious, emotionally mature and spiritually sound individuals.

  • To build a just and peaceful society
  • To inspire children to accept challenges and find joy and self-worth through achievement
  • Innovative leadership


Pierre Paul Public School aims at nurturing the all-round development of the students in accordance to the curriculum and pedagogy of CBSE system of schooling which is believed to be the best rated syllabus among the various school systems in India. The school intends to lay a deep and sturdy foundation in academics, ethics, in students which would help them to mould the rest of their years of study and growth.

For this we focus on:
  • Learner centered pedagogy: Learning is made fund and exciting by adopting activity oriented approach in teaching, so that the students develop a healthy drive to excel and achieve their personal goal.
  • Value education: Students are made to develop strong moral and ethical values through activities based on the universal values, which would help them to become reliable and responsible “world citizens”.
  • Personality development: Students are motivated to develop one’s own personality, discover and aspire their own special area of excellence.
  • Fostering creativity: Children are offered a wide platform for their artistic and creative energies through a series of competitions in literary and Fine Arts throughout the academic year. This will help in the growth of their self-confidence which should be an asset to them in future years.
  • Developing social skills: Students are made to work in groups and teams which will help them to learn to respect each other and develop ideals of humanism and unselfish service of their fellowmen. This will also help to develop the leadership qualities in them.
  • Nurturing life skill: We strive to instil in the students a strong sense of responsibility, encourage them to rise to their full potential and inculcate in them, the will and perseverance to do so.